It may seem silly to get mad about something so small, odds are, you understand completely though.

So Many Aggravating Things Happen On CNY Roads

Angry woman driving a car

For instance, nobody ever wants to drive the speed limit it seems. Drive Mohawk Street between Whitesboro and Marcy, nobody goes 55 mph. As aggravating as it may be to have to drive below the speed limit, that isn't the most aggravating thing about driving in Central New York.

People Know They Can Do This Right?

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

You're pulling up behind someone at this stoplight in the turn lane to go right, nobody is coming from the other direction, and they just sit there. No slight movement, nothing. Instead of turning right on red, which is legal in New York, they sit and wait for the light to turn green.

Young man yelling through the car window as he drives
Petko Ninov

No matter how mad you get, it doesn't change anything. Sure, this does happen in other parts of the state, but it seems like it doesn't happen nearly as often as at stoplights around Central New York.

Benefit Of The Doubt?

Traffic lights red and green

It is highly plausible that there could be a reason a motorist doesn't turn right on red.

  • Fear of an accident
  • Blind spots
  • Previous accident doing so

All of these are very viable things, but man, it is so aggravating if you're running a little late to be behind someone who doesn't take advantage of being able to turn right on red.

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