EDIT: We gave the store a call this morning, 7/26, and they are reopen after the power outage caused them to close.

Save A Lot in Rome suddenly closed on Wednesday night.

If you tried to shop at the store last night or this morning, you were greeted by a large sign telling you the store is closed.

Credit: Corissa Rost

According to numerous posts on Facebook, and a call made to the store, they had a power outage yesterday and it caused their refrigeration system to shut down. The employee who we spoke with said that it is expected for them to reopen later today, but couldn't give a specific time.

Credit: Aly Davis via People, Places and Opinions of Rome Facebook Group

We'll keep you updated as this story develops. For now, Save A Lot customers should head to the Oneida Street location in Utica, and Mohawk Street in Herkimer for shopping. Those stores remain open.