Johnny Depp is wonderful in his role as Captain Jack Sparrow.  Who knew the zany Captain had such a heart of gold?  You won't believe why Johnny Depp always travels with his Captain Jack Sparrowcostume.

Johnny Depp
Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

We've heard the stories of Depp visiting kids in the hospital as Captain Jack, but it seems he does it more than originally thought.  While promoting his latest movie The Lone Ranger, which arrives in theaters on July 3rd, Depp explained to Eonline why he travels with his Pirates of the Caribbean costume.

Sometimes you go to kiddie hospitals and things like that.  I'll just sneak in and go surprise a bunch of kiddies through the different wards...It basically turns into a two, three hour improvisation and it's really fun.  So I travel with Captain Jack.

Isn't that cool?  Imagine being a sick kid in the hospital and suddenly Captain Jack walks into your room.  What a way to brighten a child's day and take their mind off being sick.

Fans of Captain Jack, take heart.  Producer Jerry Bruckheimer, who also produced The Lone Ranger, says they hope to start working on the fifth Pirates of the Caribbean movie at the end of the year or the beginning of 2014.

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