Have you ever noticed that one person that always gets bit by a million mosquitoes, but everyone else only has a bite or two. Maybe you're the unlucky one that attracts the mosquitoes.

So why is that? Why are mosquitoes attracted to certain people more than everyone else. I've always been curious about this because I'm one of the unlucky ones. Anytime I go out in the woods or out as the sun is going down, I get attacked! Mosquitoes absolutely love me, and it's terrible.

Close-Up of a Mosquito
(Photo by Tom Ervin/Getty Images)

Well science has a reason for why mosquitoes like some people more. According to iflscience, experiments done before show three factors that cause mosquitoes to bite certain people:

1 - bigger people (who actually produce more CO2)

2 - beer drinkers

3 - pregnant women

But a new study has shown the biggest factor and it's something we can't help. It actually has to do with our genes. Microbes that live on our skin, in our mouths, and in our guts are unique to each person. Iflscience states that the microbes that live on and in us,

it turns out we don’t pick them - they pick us - based on our genetic makeup. This means that, just like mosquitoes, certain microbes prefer to coexist with us and other find us rather unpleasant and settle elsewhere.

The study showed that the mosquitoes are drawn to the microbes that live on our skin. And because our genes determine what microbes live on us, we really can't control why mosquitoes are drawn to some, more than others.

Oh by the way, food has nothing to do with it. Its been believed that certain foods will attract mosquitoes - like garlic, but there is actually no proof to that.



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