It's official: New York City is the third-most fun city in the U.S., behind Orlando and Las Vegas. And it's not gonna get any better than that, at least right now.

Even though we know better, the Big Apple probably won't be able to surpass either of those cities, as long as WalletHub continues to use the same criteria to determine its rankings.

The main headings WalletHub concentrated on were Entertainment/Recreation, Nightlife, and Cost. It's not too tough to guess where New York City loses ground. NYC ranked dead-last in the cost of a good time. Of course, Anchorage, Alaska is ALMOST as expensive--and good luck finding a Broadway show THERE.

Let's focus on the positives.

New York DID rank first in Entertainment/Recreation and third in Nightlife, behind only Las Vegas and Miami. And that one's debatable. It's tough to beat all the options Sin City has for parties, but Miami's zesty nightlife might be offset by the occasional hurricane.

A few surprises in the overall Top 20 were Portland (#5), Cincinnati (#13), and St. Louis (#15), and the biggest disappointment is probably Boston at a pedestrian 45th overall. They're probably feeling a little...deflated.


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