Target, Toys R Us and  Walmart are among the stores opening today to get an early  jump on those  Black Friday sales.  Why is it some shoppers in the New England area who have these stores in their neighborhood won't be able to shop there today?

While shoppers in other states will be able to shop on Thanksgiving, shoppers in Maine, Massachusetts and Rhode Island can't begin their Black Friday shopping at big stores until midnight tonight.  The reason?  State law prohibits big retailers from opening on Thanksgiving Day.  So these stores, despite national ads saying they're open early, won't open their doors until midnight.  Deval Patrick, Governor of Massachusetts says they'll take a look at legaslation which could reverse those laws but even it the laws are changed, workers should know it would be "voluntary work and there would be premium pay just like we have on other holidays."  Do you think more states should have similar laws or no?

Photo by Sandy Huffaker/Getty Images