Do you brave the crowds in order to score a Black Friday deal? You'll definitely want to check out the CNY stores that offer the deepest discounts on the biggest shopping day of the year. ranked the best and worst stores for Black Friday discounts. WalletHub’s analysts surveyed nearly 10,000 deals from 35 of the biggest U.S. retailers’ 2017 Black Friday ads. The analysts were able to determine which stores had the best overall Black Friday sales, and where you need to shop, whether you're looking for toys, electronics, or other items.

Best Black Friday Discounts

  • Kohl's - New Hartford and Fayetteville - offers an average discount of 66.3%
  • JCPenney - New Hartford, Rome, and Syracuse - offers an average discount of 66.3%
  • Macy's - New Hartford - offers an average discount of 45.6%

All three of these CNY stores are among the 10 best overall discounts. 

If you're shopping for toys, you're going to get your best deals from either Kohl's or JCPenney - their discounts range from 46% - 43%.

What about electronics? You might want to pitch your tent in front of Macy's - although doesn't account for the Black Friday sales from Best Buy, which is known for its big doorbuster deals. has a rundown of their big sales, including discounts on TVs and Apple products.

Will you be out shopping on Black Friday?




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