Today is National Inconvenience Yourself Day and the ideal day to "Spread the Lovin'." Lite 98.7 has partnered with McDonald's in sharing our Random Acts of Kindness. 

Going out of our way to help others doesn't always come naturally; which is why today we're purposely determining to make it happen. When you hear the two words "inconvenience yourself," you probably don't start jumping for joy.However, when we self-sacrifice, and lend a helping hand, we can cheer up the recipient and also make ourselves feel better too. According to

Inconvenience Yourself Day may seem like an unusual holiday to celebrate. Its goal or mission is not only to recognize a person's self awareness in life, but also to acknowledge other people's lives and actions as well. This day, try to put someone else before you.

Helping others doesn't have to be a dull and lifeless activity; round up your co-workers today and pool together to see how you can help out someone in your office. We bet there's someone who could use your help. After you commit your random act of kindness, share your story on our website and qualify to win a $50 gift card to McDonald's.

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