While some are rejoicing in 'The Winter That Wasn't,' that is not the case for the businesses in New York's North Country that depend on the snow to bring snowmobilers and other winter weather enthusiasts.  Would a push to bring off-road ATV riders to the same trails bring back some of the revenue lost this season?

YNN reports

To help keep businesses like Tuggers and others throughout the area afloat, local ATV associations are already planning major events that they hope will have a big impact on the local economy.

Staelens said, "One business owner says, we have to do something now this year with ATVs or I'm going to have to close up and sell. That was his exact words to me."

Tug Hill Adirondack ATV Association President Joseph Onyon said, "There's a lot of good riding, and I think that it's a big plus for the businesses and for the folks up here to get the ATV's on Tug Hill."

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