Twenty four years ago this week, the east coast was preparing for the storm of the century. As Winter Storm warnings start coming in for this week, it gets you thinking, could we truly be slammed with as much snow as 1993?

The 1993 Storm of the Century made history not only for New York, but the United States. This marked the first time National Weather Service meteorologists were able to predict a storm system's severity five days in advance, and predict it accurately. Northeastern states declared State of Emergencies even before the snow started to fall, and it did eventually fall.

According to reports, an estimated 40 percent of the country's population experienced the effects of the storm with 208 fatalities, and the loss of electric power to more than 10 million households. In Syracuse, the recorded amount of snow was over 43 inches. New York City, reported over a foot of snow. Also during the storm, nearly 60,000 lightning strikes were recorded.

As Storm Warnings are beginning to pour in this week, many are sharing videos of the 1993 storm. Video views are surging on YouTube, especially in the New York region. Hopefully, history doesn't repeat itself so quickly.

Do you remember having to shovel out 24 years ok? Hopefully you worked on your technique for the storms coming this week.



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