Being a new parent in 2021 isn't any easier than being a parent in 1921. The difference, technology does try and make like easier.

Pampers has released an app for parents to know if their baby has a wet or dirty diaper. Will parents in the Utica and Rome area use this?

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Introducing Lumi by Pampers. Lumi by Pampers is an electronic sensor that can track when your baby needs a diaper change, by sending a message right to your smartphone. According to Kids Activities Blog, the Lumi system pairs a sensor with a Logitech video monitor. This can all be accessed again with an app on your smartphone.

The app then allows parents track automatically track diapers and sleep, and log feedings, in order to help find a routine for their families and anticipate their babies’ needs."

The sensor securely attaches to the outside of Lumi Diapers. These diapers are almost identical to Pampers Swaddlers. You can currently buy this whole system on Amazon:

Baby Tracker App

If you're looking to save money, there are many free apps to use. Some that you pay a small fee for are worth it too. One of them is called Baby Tracker. Baby Tracker lets you track daily information such as: feeding, diapers, sleep, activities, pumping, symptoms, temperature, and medication. Baby Tracker also offers a timer to track nursing times, naps, activities, feeding sessions.

The first months of having a baby are rough and there isn’t any technology to put your baby to sleep instantly, Baby Tracker is a great app that will help you during that foggy and fantastic first year."

You can read more here.

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