Though technically the latest 'Wizard of Oz' TV series adaptation in the manic race to cash in on the film's 75th anniversary had been in development before the others, 'Game of Thrones'-style 'Red Brick Road' has officially landed a house on the Lifetime channel.

Created by artist Rob Prior and written by 'Dexter''s Tim Schlattman with an eye towards ‘Game of Thrones’ politics, intrigue and violence, the now-developing 'Red Brick Road' chronicles an alternate-reality Oz in which an evil queen has taken charge of the once merry-old land. According to the show’s original pitch, the series would explore the notion that “Dorothy went down the yellow brick road. So where did the red brick road go?”

In the revised development, Red Brick Road will seek to answer the question by following Dorothy down the red path, "taking her to the oldest, darkest and most dangerous parts of Oz to find what became of her friends who all have gone missing." Mark Wolper, Roy Lee and Adrian Askarieh are on board to executive produce, with John Middelston and Jeff Krelitz co-executive producing.

'Red Brick Road’ represents the latest ‘Wizard of Oz’ adaptation to move forward in the development cycle, joining NBC's own 'Game of Thrones'-influenced take 'Emerald City,' 'Heroes' creator Tim Kring's CW 'Dorothy Must Die,' Syfy’s ‘Warriors of Oz,’ CBS medical procedural 'Dorothy,' and even ‘Once Upon A Time’’s potential to feature Oz. Along with Disney’s moderate performer ‘Oz: The Great and Powerful‘ and its potential sequel, much of the recent interest in adapting ‘The Wizard of Oz’ stems from the 1939 Judy Garland film’s imminent 75th anniversary, which will received its own 3D re-release.

It remains to be seen which of any 'Wizard of Oz' title will make it through to pilot, but what say you? Do you have any interest in seeing 'Red Brick Road' on Lifetime? Check out the concept art below, and give us your take in the comments!

Rob Prior