To glue or not to glue, that is the eternal question. When the gluing being referred to concerns someone’s posterior and a toilet seat, you’d like to think there wouldn’t be any type of glue involved whatsoever. For one very unfortunate individual in a Kentucky Walmart, that simply wasn’t the case.

When a shopper went into a stall to take care of business, she found she couldn’t get up when she was done. Her butt had been glued to the toilet seat.

And to make matters even worse, her backside had been super glued to the porcelain ring. Imagine the fear and the humiliation that must have set in. The poor woman had to stay seated for almost an hour, until paramedics were finally able to remove her, along with the toilet seat (still attached to her rear end) from the bathroom and take her to the hospital.

Once she made it to the emergency room, hospital staff somehow managed to separate her tushy from the toilet seat. We’re not exactly sure how this procedure was carried out, but we can only image that the women in question lost a fair amount of sensitive skin.

The police aren’t sure if this was an accident, or if someone set a trap for the woman by coating the seat with superglue. If the act was intentional, not only was it exceedingly malicious, but it was also against the law. Either way, we’re pretty certain this unlucky shopper won’t be rushing into a Walmart bathroom again any time soon.

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