These surveys always shock me when they say women are more responsible then men. Well of course they are! This shouldn't shock you either that according to a new study, women are better investors than men.

This summer one of my big goals is to invest in stocks. I want to start investing and saving. It seems like a smart idea to start doing this while I'm young, I just hope I'm not like most males. Researchers found that women are more likely to make money in the stock market, mostly because they don't take as many risks. According to, they tend to buy and hold and they trade this way because they aren't as confident, or perhaps as overconfident as men.

They are also more likely than men to have a greater desire for self-control, which allows them to trade less and earn more. See that's what I'm afraid of. What if I want to trade trade trade?

Any advice for me on stocks?

(Photo by NASDAQ/Facebook)