So here's some pretty exciting news on top of the already exciting news that Wonder Woman is getting her very own solo film from DC and Warner Bros. A new report reveals plans that Wonder Woman's first solo outing will be set in a time period before the 'Justice League' film -- actually, it'll be set long, long before then. Not only that, but there are ultimately plans for three 'Wonder Woman' films. Three! Your move, Marvel.

The report comes from Bleeding Cool, which reveals that the WB's plans for the first 'Wonder Woman' film will set the action on the hero's home of Paradise Island (later renamed during the character's relaunch in 1987 as Themyscira, so it's interesting to note that it's called Paradise Island here), where the Amazons are split into factions and are fighting for control. That's when a mysterious man shows up asking for help, and Wonder Woman returns with him to our world.

Instead of returning to present day, though, it's the 1920s, and women have just now won the right to vote -- but for someone like Wonder Woman, this is a nutty concept because her entire civilization has been built on strong women, equality, and justice. This is a fantastic concept for Wonder Woman's first solo outing because it hits at the heart of what the character was always about from the beginning: being plunged into a world that doesn't make sense to her at all. These concepts that she stands for are so inherent to the fabric of her being that they're effortless, and she doesn't comprehend how the people of our planet think it's okay to behave this way.

The sequel would place Wonder Woman during World War II during the '30s and '40s, similar to the era of the original TV series, while the third film would move her action to present day with the Justice League.

These sound like really great ideas for Wonder Woman, particularly for the first film, which should allow for some beautiful explorations of her origins and reflect the feminist ideals of her character. We're totally down.

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