There are finally signs of work being done on the former Rite Aid in North Utica. In October, we learned that Aldi was planning on moving into the Herkimer Road location.  Original plans called for adding 2,300 square feet to the existing building to accommodate their grocery selection. This will be a welcome alternative to the neighborhood - the New Hartford and Yorkville stores have become area favorites for their discount items as well as their large selection of organic foods and snacks. You can find out more at their website, which also includes a handy "shopping list", allowing you to add items as you browse the site, and easily print out your list.

Jim Rondenelli, WIBX

Utica's Mayor Rob Palmieri was very excited that the company finally decided to add this location, and now that construction has begun it looks like this project is on its way. According to the Mayor:

Utica’s economy has greatly improved as we continue to attract national, regional and local companies, and I thank ALDI for their commitment to our community. (WIBX 950)

No word yet on when they plan to open.


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