It's no surprise to anyone living in Upstate New York that winters can be harsh. One of the biggest concerns everyone has when the weather gets bad and the snow falls is road conditions. There are several roads and routes that people dread traveling on during winter and here is a list of some of the roughest.

  • Route 5s between Utica and Ilion.
  • Route 5 from New Hartford to Oneida.
  • 840 from New Hartford to Westmoreland.
  • Oriskany Blvd. from Yorkville to Marcy/Rte. 49 to Rome.
  • Route 365 from N. Utica to Marcy and Even to Rome/Stretch from Rome to Verona
  • Middle Settlement Rd. from Clinton all the way to Whitestown.
  • Routes 12 and 28 from Utica to Old Forge and beyond.
  • Commercial Drive in New Hartford
  • Route 12s to Deerfield Hill
  • Route 8 from Washington Mills to Bridgewater
  • Route 315 from Deansboro to Waterville
  • Stop Seven Road in Westmoreland
  • Higby Rd. from Frankfort to Utica
  • Route 173 into Manlius
  • Route 274 in Holland Patent
  • Gorge Road from Rome to Boonville
  • South Ave/Onondaga Hill to OCC

Now one could argue that every road in Central New York can be treacherous when the snow is really coming down, however these 14 no matter how well kept, can cause major problems. What do you think are the worst roads out there?

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