First of all, the bride pictured is from another story and does NOT apply here. (Although, this scene probably depicts her state of mind.)

We've all heard about "bride-zillas" that are out of control, whether it's due to vanity or or unreasonable demands or control issues. Well, we have a new story that takes the (wedding) cake. It all comes from an anonymous post on the subreddit "Am I the A-hole?"

Beth and Dave totally disagree on this. They need your help.

Here's the story: a bride wants her wedding reception to be adults-only and child-free. Okay. She puts this very specific request on her wedding invitation. BUT one couple decides to bring their toddler and infant to the wedding ceremony. The bride thinks maybe they've got a babysitter to take care of the kids during the reception but NOPE - the couple brings the kids to the reception.

The bride dispatches her wedding planner to politely ask the guests what the plan is - and they make it clear they have no intentions of doing anything but enjoying the reception with their children. Things start to get heated, and finally, the bride intervenes and asks the guests to leave.

Beth says it's the bride's day - she can do what she wants.

Dave says it's not a big deal - it's a baby and a toddler - not seven kids. And maybe they just couldn't find child care.

What do YOU think? Is the bride wrong to have excluded children? Or, is the couple wrong for disregarding the bride on her big day? Let us know what you think by emailing


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