It's another 'Would You Rather' question to get you thinking today! This time it's all about celebrities and money... With a Christmas twist.

It's time to start pondering those highly unlikely situations and how to handle them - It's another 'Would You Rather' question! Unfortunately, Matt Hubbell took the day off, so Naomi Lynn was on her own for this one.

But Naomi didn't want to just tell her answer - She needed a partner in crime. That's when she decided to bring in the one and only Eric Meier. It's a special guest for 'Would You Rather' this week!

Alright, are you ready? Today's question has to do with celebrating the holidays with a celebrity OR taking some money for holiday shopping instead. So what are the details? Check out this week's 'Would You Rather' in the video below:


What would you do? Hangout with a celebrity during the holidays, or take the money?

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