Matt and Naomi from your Workday Kick-Off ask you another 'Would You Rather' question. This time, you get the chance to change the world, and make it better.

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If you had the ability to change the world for the better, would you do it? What if you were given two options on how you could make the planet a nicer place to live, but you were only able to choose one? Well, that's what Matt and Naomi ask you in this week's Would You Rather...

Here's how it works: You can make a difference in the world, solve a major crisis. So which crisis do you solve? Do you -
A. End World Hunger, or
B. Find a Cure for Cancer

If you had to chose one, what would you chose? Matt and Naomi couldn't agree on this one. Matt Hubbell would rather find a cure for cancer - There's a lot of different types of cancer, and to be able to cure them all would save so many lives. Naomi Lynn, on the other hand would end world hunger - She believes no one should ever be hungry, and living the way we do, we often don't see how other people in other countries (and even in our own town), are suffering.

So what would you do? What way would you make a difference? Vote below!

Matt and Naomi will share the results during the Workday Kick-Off on Lite 98.7. You can also share your opinion on our Lite 98.7 WLZW Facebook Page
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