We have another 'Would You Rather' question to get you thinking today. This time we're talking about things you'll never have to do again.

Last week's question was pretty easy - Giving you the chance to pick between two things most people already want (you just had to pick which one you thought was better). Taking a look at last week's question:

Would You Rather: Have a personal trainer - OR - Have a housekeeper?

See? Two good things - According to the voting in our poll, it was pretty close. "Have a housekeeper" is winning however, with 57% of the vote (as of the time this post was made).

This week we want to make it easy again. Neither option for the question is bad (no picking which one is slightly less-worse).

Ready?? Alright, here we go...

Would You Rather:
Never have to get your hair cut or styled - It just stays perfect the way you want it
Never have to go shopping for clothes - Everything you own is in style and never gets old

Let us know which one you would pick. You can vote in our poll below:

You can also leave us a message in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page and tell us why you chose the answer you did - Or leave us a comment on our Lite 98.7 Facebook Page.



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