Okay, maybe it doesn't completely ruin your day, but there has to be something that just makes the day a little harder. What's that number one thing for you?

Naomi Lynn spent the morning and early afternoon fighting with technology. It started when her computer wouldn’t connect to the internet – And considering how much we need the internet for – This was a big problem. Trying not to sweat it, she decided to use her phone and its internet for as much as she could.

Unfortunately, nothing would load on her phone. After asking around the building, Naomi found that she was the only one having computer issues – And she was getting pretty irritated at this point. It was like she was stuck in her own bubble – An internet dead-zone.

Still trying to stay positive, she kept busy with other work, work she didn’t need the internet for. But it seems like her irritation from internet issues carried over into other things she was doing – Which ended with her spilling coffee on herself, dropping her lunch on the floor (not only dropped, but it went EVERYWHERE), smashing her leg on the desk, and getting behind on her work.


Computer and technology issues are number one on Naomi’s list. Once that happens, the day goes downhill pretty fast. What about you? What is something that will just irritate you at work to the "point of no return?"

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