A business in Yorkville believes they are being bullied by officials from the village in which they're located.

The owner of Full Throttle BBQ on Oriskany Boulevard took to Facebook last week to share a story about a car he had towed from his parking lot. The Facebook post states that the reason they had the car towed was the owner of the vehicle was patronizing a neighboring business. Full Throttle BBQ says,

Even though we fully support other businesses successes, we cannot condone parking in our parking lot for another business. We are a small family business with an even smaller parking lot that can barely make due for our own customers.

Michael Hill is the owner of Full Throttle and he claims that he had made several attempts to tell her to move the vehicle before he called the towing company. When he asked her repeatedly to move the car because she was patronizing another business, Hill says she told him, "You don't know who I am, do you?"

Ownership at Full Throttle BBQ says what happened next has led to even more headache. After the vehicle was towed, ownership claims he was threatened by the Yorkville Board and the Village of Yorkville since the owner of the vehicle was the girlfriend of a person who works for both. The owner claims several threats were made including a shut down of his business. Hill claims that immediately following the towing, a codes enforcement person dropped by to say that he had to move his dumpsters and he believes Yorkville Fire Department dropped by to check on the status of his smoker.

Hill has made it clear that they will not be bullied and pushed out. He claims that there are plenty of signs in the parking lot that are very visible to everyone stating that their parking lot is for Full Throttle BBQ customers ONLY. They want to reiterate that they are not dissuading others to support other businesses, they just want their space respected. Full Throttle plans to be around for a long time and they hope people realize why they have the parking policy in place that they do. If the claims of threatening behavior from the village is true, serious questions need to be answered.

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