It's still gonna be a LOT of money. But, the time is right. This estate can be yours right now. Here's how:

A. Win the lottery. Or...

B. Get 10 friends to go in on it with you and your cost would be about the same as any other average home on the market. Or...

C. Make the seller a REALLY low offer, distract them with something shiny, and hope they accept.

The asking price for this Oneida County home has dropped almost 50%. Located at 1700 Sherman Drive in New Hartford, just outside the Utica line, its current asking price is $1.3 million, down from $2.5 million in May of 2017. Think of the fancy cars you'll buy with the money you save.

It was built in 1931, spans 7,000 square feet, contains five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and sits on almost 16 acres. Here's a slideshow of your future home:


Imagine the Super Bowl parties in that bar. The book club meetings on the veranda. The gourmet meals your chef will whip up in that kitchen. And, yes, that's an elevator, so you can go up and down all day long. Just like the stock market.

One other extra: the windows are made of bomb-proof glass. In case your enemies get serious.

If this one doesn't float your dinghy, here's a listing of the most expensive homes for sale in each New York county.


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