If you've got a thick wallet, maybe you can afford this one yourself. Or, maybe if you and fifteen of your closest friends pitch in together?

This Airbnb, called the High Peaks Gathering Place, may be the most expensive Lake Placid rental but MAN is it large and beautiful.

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Kimberly, the host of this space, says that this home is the best place for hosting small events. "The house provides a quiet space for those who seek it and a large capacity kitchen and dining area with seating for up to 24 to gather everyone."

With eight bedrooms, 16 beds varying in size and six bathrooms - there is plenty of space for everyone. And, just like it's deemed in the name of the property, it's a wonderful gathering space.

Gather by the gas fireplace, shoot pool or play poker in the game room or play ping pong, foosball or stick hockey in the game room. Enjoy a game of chess in the upstairs reading nook or take in the lovely neighborhood ambiance from the front porch or back upper and lower decks. At every turn, there is something to do for everyone.

Gotta love when Airbnb's have things on site to assist with making memories you'll never forget. Honestly, it seems like the perfect place to hold a small bridal shower, or maybe a big bachelor/bachelorette party - maybe even a family or high school reunion for a smaller group.

Just exactly how much deems this place the most expensive in Lake Placid? Well, keep in mind it is 5 stars, and has some really great reviews. Plus, the photos below show that it's definitely worth the price for what you're getting.

It'll *only* cost you roughly $2500 per night. Oooof.

Maybe you can afford it. But, if you're like me and can not, we can dream together, right? Take a look below and picture all of your friends and family gathered making memories to last a lifetime.

This Lake Placid Airbnb Is Worth $2500 Per Night - Take A Look Inside

"Sit by the fireplace in the great room, relax on the back porch or walk in to town to shops and restaurants or take a stroll around Mirror Lake."

This house in Lake Placid, New York is definitely pricey to rent per night, but it's absolutely beautiful and worth the money based on the space you're getting.

"There is an abundance of hiking trails and White Face Mountain is mere 7 miles away from the house."

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