If you're making your plans for celebrating International Nude Day, you can celebrate naked in a Central New York cave with fellow revelers.

July 14th is International Nude Day and Howe Caverns in Howes Cave, NY is hosting a celebration that guarantees maximum exposure. Their event, called "Naked In a Cave" is a leisurely stroll through the caverns by lantern light. You don't have to wear any clothes, but shoes are required.

If you've ever taken a tour of Howe Caverns, you'll remember that it gets pretty chilly 156 ft below the Earth's surface. That should make for an interesting tour when you're not wearing any clothes.

So where did International Nude Day start? Well, no one seems to really know - but the "National Day Calendar" provides the following explanation: "National Nude Day is a way to keep cool on a hot, sticky summer day. Nudist groups around the world celebrate this holiday and take it quite seriously!  Nudists are not perverts, even though their desire to go “au natural” might be offensive to the conservative population!  Nudists are individuals who believe the human body is most beautiful in it’s natural state. Whether or not you agree with them, nudists encourage people to shed the restrictions of clothing and be natural."

I think I'll celebrate the day by showering naked that day. How about you?

If you're looking for something to do with your clothes ON, check this out:


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