Generally, you try to avoid having a heart attack, except maybe the kind that's topped with a piece of chocolate. What?

The Great New York State Fair has crowned the winner of its Fantastic Food competition. Voting took place on the Fair's Facebook page, and ended with Fried Specialties’ creation, the Heart Attack, running away with first place.

Here’s the description of the Heart Attack that was provided by Jim Hasbrouck, Fried Specialties’ creator and the mad food genius behind past sensations The Defibrillator and The Harvester: “Two Hoffman hots stuffed with chili and cheddar cheese and pickle wrapped in bacon and deep fried. Topped with cheddar cheese and jalapenos. Drizzled in chocolate sauce and served with a piece of Hershey chocolate. Served on a stick.”

In second place was new Fair vendor Babcias Pierogi’s Surf & Turf Pierogi: “Shaved beef, mushroom & onion filled pierogi, topped with grilled garlic shrimp & a basil parmesan sauce.” Chester’s Gators & Taters took third place for The MacAttack, described this way: “Double loaded bacon mac and cheese ribbon fries. Toppings Included and available are Bacon, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Sour Cream, Jalapenos, Chives, Hot Sauce, Extra Cheese.”  The difference between second and third place was one vote, according to a press release.

Oh, and if a Heart Attack isn't what you're looking for, there's always a Coronary: bacon, mini cheeseburgers, bacon, ham, bologna, tater tots, cheese curds, cheddar cheese and jalapeno peppers pressed and served with a chipotle sauce on toasted French bread. Okay then. You gotta love fair food. 

Credit: Great NY State Fair
Credit: Great NY State Fair

You can see the full list of entries - which are all expected to be available at the Fair - here.

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