It's always fascinating to look at old photos of any community and relive the days of the past. Chris Lawrence is with the City of Utica and he shared on his social media platforms several throwback photos of Uptown Utica.

Being someone who was born in 1990 I recognize some of the old photos, like that of Tasty Creme in South Utica. That old ice cream parlor was closed and torn down and is now home to a car wash. A few other old businesses you can see in the photos below include Family Hair Care, Grand Union, the King Cole Plaza, the Book Worm and others.

Lawrence reflected on his own memories growing up in the area and remembering those old businesses saying of the Tasty Creme building,

Living on Emerson, I used to ride my bike or walk to Tasty Creme most days in the summer to get a medium cherry slush ($1.13 w/tax) I always made sure to have exact change. What a cool looking building!

I remember going to the Tasty Creme building with my father after playing a round of tennis. One of the biggest highlights of the photos below is the Genesee Street and Auburn Avenue area. Lawrence says,

On Auburn Ave including Noah's Ark Childrens Clothing, Enzio's Family Hair Care with JoJo's Coffee Shop, and Uptown Grill. There's also the Bookworm and South Utica Liquor's "new" location after moving across the street when King Cole Plaza was torn down.

As old as the photos below are you can see clearly landmark buildings and they are very recognizable. With all the progress being made in Utica, it's likely we'll continue to see a resurgence across the city.

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