Maybe global warming was a poor phrase and climate change is more apropos. Because, baby, it's cold outside. Last April, we'd already hit 60s twice, 70s once and 80s once.

If you feel as if the early spring of 2018 has been colder in Central New York than a year ago, you are correct. Exactly HOW cold is it? Well, a check of the official AccuWeather numbers through the first ten days of April 2018 compared to 2017 is a bit of a shock to the system.

Kinda like being splashed in the face with some ice-cold water from Oneida Lake.

Brace yourself. The average Utica temperature between April 1-10 in 2017 was 53.7 degrees, while the average temp over those same 10 days of April 2018 equals 40.4. Thirteen degrees.

Those missing thirteen degrees are probably responsible for the delay in golf season, gardening, barbecuing--and they're probably responsible for the longevity of the Parking Lot Snow Piles that won't disappear until June.

Thanks, climate change.


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