What do you pay for a babysitter? Ten bucks an hour is the going rate among the other parents I know but that's a far cry from NYC babysitting rates. You won't believe what they pay in the Big Apple for a babysitter.

According to CNN, some parents are shelling out as much as $33 an hour for a babysitter. Plus there are booking or retainer fees and obviously if you have more than one child, the price goes up. Back in the day, I used to get $1 an hour. No matter how many kids, and sometimes it would be families with many kids, that's what I got.

All the parents I know pay $10 an hour, which is what I pay. There's no way I could afford $33 an hour.  While I realize everything is more expensive in NYC, this still seems like an outrageous amount of money for babysitting. Yes, we all want the best care for our children but it shouldn't break the bank for a parent's night out.

What do you think is a reasonable amount for a babysitter?