If you've always wanted to own a business you can pedal, here's your chance. The Big Yellow Fellow is for sale on Craigslist.

The Big Yellow Fellow is a pedal-powered pub. Passengers can drink and pedal their way around while enjoying a the beverage of their choice. The pub was a fixture in previous years at the Great New York State Fair - but now the owners have decided to sell it.

Credit: Big Yellow Fellow via Craigslist
Credit: Big Yellow Fellow via Craigslist

According to their ad on Craigslist, the asking price is $20,000 - but it's negotiable.

"This is a fully turnkey operation with custom-made barcyle, booking software, website, social media following and brand recognition and includes supplemental income via onboard advertising program. As you may know the Big Yellow Fellow has become the number one adult attraction at the Great NY State Fair (2016/2017), visited countless festivals and events throughout CNY and has pioneered pub tours to the Salt City, which means we have a slew of contacts that support us and current ownership will act as an agent to guarantee a smooth transition for up to 2 months from the purchase of vehicle...

Now it's time to pass the pedal pub onto an entrepreneur who is interested in mobilizing their concept - definitely, a perfect way to uniquely advertise in front of more people than a booth or event sponsorship - the best part about the Big Yellow Fellow is that its emissions-free, pedal-driven and tons of fun! If you want a sure-fire way to gain attention and cause tons of laughs, smiles and cameras to snap photos and videos, then roll by on this unique vehicle. It's truly a game-changer for events, fundraising and private-celebrations!

Vehicle (fully pedal driven via custom high gearing system) has LED lighting, awning with full coverage, Horn and sound system, storage on the back platform, newly installed custom bar with cup holders and purse/bag hooks underneath. Seats 10 pedalers (5 on each side) with padded cruiser bicycle seats, 10 advertisement locations including top, back and wheel-wells. It is approximately 19' long x 11' high x 7' wide."

So what do you think? Wouldn't this be a great addition to Saranac Thursdays? Imagine it cruising up and down Varick Street in Utica.

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