Nominations are open for the YWCA's 34th Annual Outstanding Woman Awards, recognizing women who demonstrate leadership or excellence in their community or workplace.

Each year, the YWCA of the Mohawk Valley honors women in several categories for their contributions to the community, including Entrepreneurs and Outstanding Youth, to honor young women, age 17 or under, who deserve recognition for their school-related or academic achievements, and/or volunteer and community contributions. A panel of judges reviews the nominations and selects the honorees.

Nominees must be 18 years of age or older, live or work in Oneida or Herkimer County and must have demonstrated excellence and leadership in the workplace and/or the community. Outstanding youth nominee must be 17 years of age or younger and live, work, or attend school in Oneida or Herkimer County. Nominees cannot be past Salute honorees, current YWCA MV Board members, or current YWCA MV staff.

Nominations are due back to YWCA MV by 11:59PM on Friday, December 9. The selected honorees will be recognized during the Salute to Outstanding Women luncheon to be held on Thursday, February 9.

Women can be nominated in the following categories:

  • Business and Industry: employees of all levels in any profession, business, or industry including but not limited to formal education, training, or skills: attorneys,
    accountants, construction, marketing, etc.
  • Education: teachers, instructors, administrators, community educators, coaches,
    mentors, professors, librarians, tutors, etc.
  • Entrepreneur: an individual who has started their own business; large or small,
    storefront or online, etc.
  • Healthcare: physicians, nurses, healthcare professionals, opticians, dentists,
    therapists, healthcare aides, pharmacists, etc.
  • Human and Public Service: law enforcement, fire department, armed forces, EMT, social workers, non-profit employees, etc.
  • Outstanding Youth: girls age 17 and under who deserve recognition for their school-related and academic achievements, and/or volunteer in their community
  • Social Justice: an unsung heroine whose efforts truly embody YWCA MV’s mission to eliminate racism, empower women, and promote peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all

 To make a nomination, click here.


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