It's not all that common for a Hollywood movie star to be spotted here in Central New York.  When it happens, word travels fast on social media.

The posts and tweets came in from the Pulaski area, off Route 81 north of Syracuse.  A worker at the Tops in Pulaski said Zac Efron was in her store on Sunday, February 17th.  She told that several employees thought it was Efron, but no one spoke to him.

A few days later, Efron himself tweeted that he was on a "road trip" in Upstate New York to go fishing with his brother and some other friends.  The star didn't specify exactly where he was fishing, but he was in an area near the where the Salmon River meets Lake Ontario.

Efron's next appearance on the big screen will be in the "Baywatch" movie, due to be released in May.  The actor appeared in all 3 "High School Musical" movies.  His credits also include "Hairspray," "Dirty Grandpa," and both ""Neighbors" movies.

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