Just Jen and I chatted this morning about the long list of famous people who hail from Central New York.

Kevin James from Mall Cop and King of Queens attended SUNY Cortland. Jerry Seinfeld  attended Queens College in New York City but he also spent some time in the snow pummeled town of Oswego where he attended my dad's Alma Mater, The State University of New York.

Carol Baldwin, mom of the famous Baldwin brothers: Alec, Daniel, Stephen, and Billy lives just outside Syracuse in the town of Camillus. Her sons have been known to swing by from time to time. According to On Location Vacations, Alec has a long list of favorite restaurants in Central New York:

He gave a shout out to a few of his other favorite places in the area like Brooklyn Pickle (which serves gigantic, yummy sandwiches), Stella’s Diner (a 50’s style diner- we know a lot of people who are huge fans of this place),Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse (another restaurant popular with locals, especially on birthdays!), Joey’s (awesome pizza and Italian food), Nesticos Too (another diner serving breakfast, lunch and dinner), Gem Diner (a local institution), and Peter’s Polar Parlor (yum!).

Richard Gere attended North Syracuse Central High. One of Hollywood's highest paid actors, Tom Cruise, was born Thomas Cruise Mapother IV on July 3, 1962 in the Cuse. And All along I thought he was Born on the 4th of July.

The man who is known for making funny sounds with his mouth, Bobcat Goldwaith was born in Syracuse too. Robert Deniero has ties to Central New York as well. His father was born here and was actually a well-respected abstract painter. Other Celebs who have roots or have made their mark here include: Al Roker, Bob Costas, David Muir, and Dick Clark. I actually had privilege of working at the same radio station as Mr. Clark years ago.

Just Jen and I chatted this morning about these famous people today!




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