Well, it looks like we missed out on our opportunity to go apple-picking and cider-sipping with Zac Efron. The 32-year-old actor stopped by a Hudson Valley apple orchard as part of his new show on Netflix, "Down to Earth."

The show follows Efron and his co-host, health guru Darin Olien, as they travel the world learning about sustainable practices in different cultures and, of course, try a ton of new, delicious food. Episode five, 'Lima,' starts with Efron and Olien battling New York City traffic as they head 80 miles north to Angry Orchard in Walden.

The guys meet up with Angry Orchard's head cider maker, Ryan Burke, who shows them around the orchard, explaining the history of apples in America. I'll try to spare too many details so you can watch the episode for yourself, but did you know that, in pre-prohibition America, apples were primarily cultivated for cider? Or that apples are actually not native to America? These are crazy revelations to common folks like you, me or Zac Efron, but they're true.

Efron and Olien's trip to Angry Orchard kicks off their episode-long journey of following superfoods back to their roots in Lima, Peru.

The eight-episode Netflix series was more than just a new venture for Efron, who made his acting debut in Disney's High School Musical when he was 18.

"I haven't contributed s**t to society - I'd made TV movies. That feeling crushed me for a long time. I do want to stand for something in life," Efron said in "Down to Earth." "And that desire to make a difference is how I ended up here: in a rental car, with a health guru, on the way to an apple orchard. Because success without purpose is a pretty meaningless life."

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