It's that time of year again. The Great New York State Fair is right around the corner and 1911 Established is prepared to help you stay hydrated and quenched with the announcement of their specialty drink for this fair season.

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In 2018, we were gifted the arrival of the 'Tipsy Cow' - the fan favorite made from Byrne Dairy Chocolate Milk, Cold Brew Coffee from Recess Coffee, and 1911 Cold Brew Coffee Vodka. It also remains one of 1911's most popular beverages.

2019 was the 'Dizzy uNYcorn' - a colorful concoction with 1911 Tropical Vodka, lemonade and blue curacao. 2021 was the 'Blue York Shark Bait' - 911 Blueberry Vodka, frozen lemonade, and fresh blueberries, topped with some berry cool nostalgic candy, a candied lemon wedge and an edible straw.

So, what are they stirring up this year for the New York State Fair? It's called 'The Mermaid Melonade.' It has 1911 Honeymelon vodka with rock candy at the bottom, frozen lemonade, candy sharks and mermaids plus whipped cream and a hot pink sugar rim.

1911 always has the drinks at the Fair that are photo worthy, and this is just another perfect example of that. While at the Fair, you can find 1911 in two different locations: near the west entrance of the Horticulture building, and near the Expo Center on the Fair’s west end. On top of their specialty drinks, they also have different ciders on tap and you can purchase some of their products to bring home.

The New York State Fair takes over Syracuse August 24 through September 5. 

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