If you caught SNL over the weekend you were treated to host Zach Galifiankis and a killer opening monologue. Friends and I were treated to a comedy club performance featuring Zach while in San Fransisco a few years back . He is a fantastic comedian. So instead of a traditional monologue, Zach performed six minutes of his oddball, hilirious stand-up comedy. Sure, he may be a big movie star now, but he's still one of the great modern comedians.

According to ScreenCrush:

Zach started out telling the audience to not get their hopes up, Galifianakis segues from introductions to comedy. In his typical style, he tells short little stories with random conclusions, tells jokes with set-ups but no punchlines and casually (and somehow, innocently) makes a few jokes at the expense of blind and deaf people. Then he sits behind his piano and the real fun begins.

You may only know him from the 'Hangover', but this is classic Galifiankis. This is what he was doing for years before making it big. The fact that SNL let him do it in front of what was probably his biggest audience ever is kind of amazing.

A joke he made in San Fransisco still makes me chuckle today...he was talking about how bad something smelled and he said " It smells like, If a foot could fart". Funny guy, Enjoy.