The second solo era of Zayn Malik is officially upon us, and it's slinky, sexy and coupled with a video that features a dead ringer for ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid.

Malik, who unveiled his debut studio album Mind of Mine in March 2016, gave fans a taste of what's to come from his sophomore LP on Thursday morning (April 12) with the release of "Let Me," a smooth R&B jam in which Malik's falsetto ascends like a kite with no string.

"Baby let me be your man so I can love you / And if you let me be your man then I'll take care of you for the rest of my life, for the rest of yours," Malik croons on the track and across a video that finds him caught up in some Miami Vice-inspired organized crime. And Malik eventually finds himself head over heels for a girl who could be his ex-flame's body double.

While the song's vibe is clear, the connective thread through Malik's next album remains a bit of a mystery — rumors spread in March that he may scrapped a good deal of his project to contend with his split from longtime girlfriend Hadid.

Malik explained his breakup on Twitter on March 13 by noting: "Gigi and I had an incredibly meaningful, loving, and fun relationship and I have a huge amount of respect and adoration for Gigi as a woman and friend. She has such an incredible soul. I'm grateful to all of our fans for respecting this difficult decision and our privacy at this time, we wish this news could have come from us first. We love you all."

Still, it was just days before that Malik shared a teaser on Twitter that featured the words "Coming Soon." And before that, on March 6, he confirmed to eager Twitter followers that "albums been done. Just working on my videos ladies calm it, calm it."

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