Top Counterfeited Items In The US
If you thought money was the only counterfeited item, well you may be wrong. According to Homeland Security's Customs and Border Protection, hundreds of millions of dollars of counterfeit goods are sold in this country every year. What are the biggest counterfeited items you ask?
Pawn Stars Buy Missiles
I love watching Pawn Stars and American Pickers. It always amazes me on the stuff they find. TMZ is reporting that the guys from "Pawn Stars" have purchased a guidance system for a missile often used on F-4 Phantom fighter planes! Would you ever imagine this?
Why Male Cheerleaders Are The Best
March Madness has arrived, and for the next three weeks, it will have the full attention of millions of men around the country. Also, if you hadn't noticed, there are some cheerleaders involved that men will be starring at. What about Male cheerleaders?
Signs A Breakup Is In The Forecast
Guys aren't always the best at sharing their feelings. If there are problems in your relationship, many guys will not verbally express them. Never fear, because now you can decode the secret ways we act when we are ready to end the relationship.
Battle Of Unfriending Facebook Friends
You may unfriend people every day and that may not cause problems. But for many friends, unfriending someone on Facebook is grounds for a serious talk. But for one Florida couple, having bad Facebook ettiquette led to a visit from the police.
Weird Allergies
It's normal to be allergic to pollen or cats or even peanut butter, but allergies come in all shapes and sizes and not all of them are things you would expect. Here are 10 of the most unusual things from Yahoo Shine that people can be allergic to:
How To Lose Weight At Work
Work can be a very dangerous place for food temptations. There always seems to be a birthday cake, a bowl of candy at the receptionist's desk, or a chinese food friday. Cosmopolitan came up with some tips on how to lose weight at work and actually become fit instead of packing on the pounds:
Good Girls Vs. Evil Girls
Do guys want a good girl or a bad girl? Most always think bad but they may be wrong. According to an article on, men actually prefer the innocent women to the naughty ones. Here are the reasons why men want a good girl:
Looking To Smell Like A Celeb?
These days it seems like practically any celebrity can put out a fragrance. Every time you turn around, a new celeb has a perfume or cologne bottle with their name on it. Here's a list of 10 random celebrities and their scents from

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