Men Got To Dress To Impress
Admit it your man has many great qualities, but his style isn't one of them. It’s ok, as a guy I’m allowed to say we lack in style. I have dress shoes, with jeans on, and a short sleeve shirt. Just look at my picture, I'm a big dork! That's where you co…
Is She A Friend Or Frenemy?
Do you have any frenemies? A frenemie of course is someone who acts like your friend but deep down, you know she really isn't. A frenemy doesn't have your best interest at heart and will probably step on you if given the chance.
Hate The Image In The Mirrior?
Do you like what you see when you look in the mirror? If so, a recent Glamour magazine survey says that you're in the minority. The magazine polled 300 women and found that an astonishing 97 percent had bad things to say about themselves.
Taking To Many Breaks At Work?
Are you the person in the office that takes multiple breaks at work to look at YouTube videos or read the latest headlines on or Do you have to comment back on Facebook? You may actually be more productive than you think you are.
Long-Term Potential?
Wanna know if the cute guy you're chatting up has long-term potential? According to you can actually ask some casual questions and get a pretty good idea.
Winter Mood Lifters
If you’re like me you get depressed in the winter months. This winter has been a tough season to get through with record snowfall and freezing temps. When it's cold and gray it can be hard to get out of bed and once we get into work, the motivation to get anything done can be al…
Lite 98.7 Launches New Streaming Player
Lite 98.7 has launched a new online streaming player.  We think it sounds great!  You may need to update your link if you have a direct link to our old player saved.  Click listen live in the right-hand corner of our page and enjoy the sound...
Is Chivalry Dead Or Should We Kill It?
Who doesn't like the occasional door held open for them, or the chair pulled out? Most women find this to be a thoughtful and gentlemanly gesture. I always open the door for people so I guess I pass the test! But for some reason not everyone likes this.

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