Lite 98.7 Launches New Streaming Player
Lite 98.7 has launched a new online streaming player.  We think it sounds great!  You may need to update your link if you have a direct link to our old player saved.  Click listen live in the right-hand corner of our page and enjoy the sound...
Is Chivalry Dead Or Should We Kill It?
Who doesn't like the occasional door held open for them, or the chair pulled out? Most women find this to be a thoughtful and gentlemanly gesture. I always open the door for people so I guess I pass the test! But for some reason not everyone likes this.
When Your Friends Don’t Have Kids
Having a baby changes your entire lifestyle. You used to be able to go out when ever, but that isn’t the case when you have a baby. You may have to say good bye to that lifestyle you may have!
New Use For Kool Aid
You may have heard of using Kool-Aid powder to add some color to your hair on Halloween or at a party but I’m betting you never knew it could be used to clean up the house!
Men Are Filling The Supermarkets
Was your Dad in charge of grocery shopping? My Dad always takes command going to BJ’s. He stops at it at least 4 times a week. There was a time when seeing a man in a grocery store was just plain weird but now it’s not uncommon to see a man shopping.
Things You Shouldn’t Do In Public
People everywhere have strange or disgusting habits. Maybe you’re like Mike Sanchez of the Jets who picked his nose on another QB. That clearly wasn’t ok to do in public, but what else should you never do in public?
Common First Date Mistakes
Sometimes it seems that everything goes perfectly right on a first date and then they don't call you back. After they ignores your calls and texts, you know that the date wasn't as perfect as you thought. What went wrong?
Signs He Hit His Midlife Crisis
As the march of time rolls along, it happens to every guy the ol' midlife crisis. What are some shopping signs to watch out for in your guy that the midlife crisis is in full swing?
Which Trait Wins In Dating?
I could never date a someone who didn’t have a good sense of humor. If she couldn’t take a joke, laugh, or make me laugh then see ya later! I guess other daters agree with me too!
No Such Thing As The Perfect Date
There is no such thing as a perfect date. However, sometimes it can be very close. The best part is these dates don’t have to be anything pricey, just have to be simple and cute. We have the full story.
Bargains In 2011
What stinks about the economy is trying to save money. I’ve never been that good at it sadly. However this year may be different. There are some pretty cool things out there that you might like to buy that will cost way less this year.

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