While the holidays may be the most wonderful time of the year, they can also be stressful too.  What gifts to buy, mailing packages and cards, cooking, baking, trying to stretch  your monthly budget and the list grows longer than Santa's.  Delilah offers some suggestions on how to stress proof the holidays.

Have a stress free holiday with these tips from Delilah:

Don’t buy presents you’re unsure about. Instead of stressing over another sweater that may or may not fit, give an activity you know someone will love, like theater tickets or ice skating or a trip to the manicurist.

Don’t cook. Everyone loves a potluck so make everyone else get in on the cooking. It’s better when people bring something new to the table and leave with you a new recipe anyway.

Don’t buy gifts for everyone. Instead draw names or suggest white elephant gifts. Find something silly in your house, wrap it up and have a rousing fun game of white elephant. Everyone gets a gift and most people get a good laugh too.

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