Wife Beats Cheating Husband With Ice Cream
What would you do if you walked into a drug store and found the person you are married to shopping with the person they are currently sleeping with? Well, it probably depends on what your philandering spouse has in their shopping basket.
In the case of Dawn Elaine Barran of Port St. Lucie, FL, she gr…
Signs She May Be Cheating
When it comes to male infidelity the stories and resources of information are plenty. Since men are stereotyped as emotionally irresponsible and unable to control their physical urges, there are countless books, studies, and discussions on why men cheat on their wives or girlfriends.
But where are al…
Where Men Are Most Likely To Cheat
Your guy's got a friend's bachelor party coming up and you're a little worried there might be temptation there for him to cheat. Listen to this, it turns out he's more likely to cheat at the friend's wedding than the bachelor party!