A Greatest Hits Album From Jewel Next Year
Ten studio albums, four Grammy nominations and a seventeen year career?  It's time for a greatest hits collection from Jewel.  She's had a bunch of hit songs and soon they'll all be featured on her greatest album coming out this winter.
Five Foolish Songs For April Fools Day [VIDEOS]
Sunday is Aprils Fools Day so go ahead; wrap a rubber band around the spray hose, give someone a fake lottery ticket or tell them you have a one hundred bill for them and then hand them your cable bill. Have fun with the pranks this weekend and keep the Lite on as we'll feature some foolish son…
Jewel Is Working On A Baby Album
Despite being busy with her job on Bravo's new show "Platinum Hits,' Jewel has been finding time to write songs.  She's writing songs not just for her baby but for babies and parents everywhere.
Diva Of The Day- Jewel
Just because its the weekend doesn't mean you still can't be a Diva! You got to know the Diva of the day and we have today’s Diva!