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CNY Man Goes Viral with Rapping Job Application
Most people apply for their dream job the old-fashioned way: cover letter, resume, and references. Dawayne Kirkland took things a step further. He created a rap-plication video for a job at VaynerMedia- and it's gone viral.

Some Of The Strangest And Most Bizarre Job Interview Questions Ever
Job interviews can be nerve wracking.  What will they ask?  What if I give a bad answer?  Imagine being asked a totally off the wall question during a job interview.  How would you handle that?  These are some of the strangest and most bizarre job questions asked this year.&…
Why Have Job Interviews Gotten So Weird?
For job interviews, it used to be enough to just show up in a nice suit, answer some perfunctory questions and be on your way.
But these days, some companies have changed the interview process so much that candidates wind up feeling as though they’re trying out for a reality TV show i…
How To Dress For A Job Interview
There are a lot of people out there trying to improve their life with the New Year. Maybe your job is driving you nuts and you’re looking to change. How should you act during your interview?