Office Jump Scares Are the Perfect Halloween Prank [VIDEO]
With the Fall season finally here, that means Halloween is right around the corner and one of the best parts about Halloween is getting scared and scaring others. One of the best ways to scare the pants off people is with the classic jump scare. The perfect place to do this is at the office because …
Magic Door Leaves People Speechless [VIDEO]
The master of the 'Drive-Thru' pranks, Magic of Rahat is at it again. This time he sets up a door in front of a park bench. When he walks through, he disappears. The reactions are priceless. Most are left speechless and some even get up and walk away.
Husband Pranks Wife By Turning House Into Giant Ball Pit [VIDEO]
When you leave dad home alone with the kids, crazy things can happen. When dad is comedian and prankster Roman Atwood, you'll never know what you'll come home to. Atwood decided to prank his wife by turning their home into a giant ball pit. Anyone else want to jump in?

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