Happy Thanksgiving!  As you get ready for this all important holiday, let me share some Thanksgiving fun facts, like who's eating the most turkey and what to do with all those leftovers.


Won't your relatives be impressed when you recite some of this trivia around the table today?  I won't tell them you saw it here.

1.  How many turkeys are sold in America for Thanksgiving?  About 280 million

2.  People who live in California are big fans of turkey.  They're the largest consumers of turkey in the US.

3.  Did you know  turkey has more protein than either beef or chicken?

4.  The average weight of a Thanksgiving turkey is 15 pounds.

5.  At maturity, a turkey will have 3,500 feathers.

6.  What to do with those leftovers.  The most popular ways to use up leftovers  are in a sandwich, as a burger, in a casserole, in stew or in soup or chili.


7.  The first Thanksgiving was in Massachusetts in 1621.    The festivities lasted for 3 days!

8.  Thanksgiving wasn't a national holiday until 1941.

9.  The largest pumpkin pie ever made was 2020 pounds.

10.  Benjamin Franklin wanted the turkey to be our national bird.

Have a happy day today. 

(Source: whsv.com)