The Easter Bunny is once again hippity-hopping his way toward our brightly-colored baskets. And while we may never be able to find the logic in a rabbit that lays eggs, (?!?!) we CAN say with certainty that the adorable cotton tails in these videos are sweeter than a Cadbury Creme Egg…and far less likely to melt in your purse.

1. Cup O’ Bunnies

Waiter, there’s a hare in my glass!

2. All Hopped Out

Too much hopping down the bunny trail.

3. Cutie Cotton Tail

Who needs a candy-coated sugar rush when you can feast your eyes on this tasty little morsel?

4. Tall ‘Tail

Clearly someone was an overachiever at Magician’s Assistant Camp.

5. This Hare’s a Ham!

Floppy ears, twitchy whiskers, eyes with a milk chocolate-center… this bunbun is adorable and he knows it!

6. Pitbull & Bunny: BFFs

If love can build a bridge, pitbull-on-rabbit kisses can conjure sunshine and flying unicorns with rainbow manes and tails!

7. Snowshoe Bunny Patrol

Did somebody say there was a winter vegetable garden on this property?

8. Digging, Done Adorably

One man’s terra cotta pot is another man’s suburban excavation site.

9. Slo-Mo Sweetness

Frame-by-frame Flopsy? Yes please!

10. Creature Comforts

How do you make a video of a cat and a bunny snuggling cuter? Add Feist’s ’1,2,3,4.’ Our heads are going to explode from cuteness.

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