The 2015 Kids' Choice Awards were full of family friendly fun, including but not limited to: Celebrities getting slimed, awesome musical performances and sad reminders that Zayn Malik is no longer a member of One Direction. Alright, that last one isn't fun at all, but it's real and it happened so it only makes sense that it was referenced a painful amount of times throughout the show.

But aside from the Zayn mentions, it was an hour-and-a-half of good times. Here are our top ten moments from the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards!

10) Shawn Mendes getting slimed.

Shawn Mendes
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

9) Joe Jonas playing Nick's grandmother.

Joe's lack of shame and willingness to get into the role of grandma Jonas was hilarious and a great way for Joe to lend his public support to his brother, Nick, during his first time hosting the Kids' Choice Awards.

8) Debby Ryan's lavender hair. Because have you seen it?

Debby Ryan
Jason Merritt, Getty Images

7) Nick Jonas opened the show with "Chains" and "Jealous."

"Chains" might not be the most age-appropriate song to play at a show where the median age is somewhere between embryo and 12, but Nick's bulging muscles more than made up for it. Talk about a great kickoff to an otherwise painless 90 minutes.

6) Jennifer Hudson hauling Iggy Azalea off in handcuffs.

For their performance of the '60s inspired track, "Trouble," Jennifer Hudson and Iggy Azalea continued where the music video left off -- with Jennifer dragging Iggy downstage in handcuffs and a yellow jumpsuit.

5) 5 Seconds of Summer getting slime-infused massages.

It was equal parts disgusting and.... no, it was just really disgusting and oddly sensual.

4) This photo of the Modern Family cast getting slimed.

Modern Family Cast
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

3) Angelina Jolie's acceptance speech for her Favorite Villain win.

Angelina encouraged kids to embrace their differences -- something you can never hear too many times.

2) Those Zayn Malik references.

From Nick's opening monologue -- which was pretty much one long joke at Zayn's expense -- to that awkward voice-over during One Direction's Favorite Group win, acknowledging Zayn's departure, the show ran rampant with references to the former member. It was sad, but necessary. May we all begin to heal.

1) 5 Seconds of Summer's slime-fest performance.

5 Seconds of Summer
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

Despite the fact that they played a cover of "What I Like About You" for the millionth time instead of original material, 5 Seconds of Summer were just as much fun as always. And their super epic sliming at the very end was the best moment of the night.

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