When you need to escape life because it gets too stressful, where do you go? Add these 10 boutique hotels in Upstate New York who have been named the best of the best.

What Is A Boutique Hotel?

Boutique hotels have a unique theme, style, and focus on extraordinary guest service:

Decor in a boutique hotel room often includes artwork, wallpaper, funky paint colors, eclectic light figures, antique furnishings, and more. In a chain hotel room, you’re more likely to encounter sterile white walls, limited artwork, and functional furniture. Boutique hotel rooms can also incorporate unique and local in-room amenities, like coffee from a nearby coffee shop or vintage refrigerators. A chain hotel room will usually contain the exact same coffee, toiletries, and electronics no matter where it’s located."


According to New York Upstate, every room has a different look and feel.

Who Has The Best In All Of New York State?

From this article at hotelsabovepar.com, they really highlighted the Catskills region with this list.

What do New Yorkers do when they need to escape NYC’s incessant hustle and bustle? They rent a car or take a train to Upstate New York, where wooded forests and charming towns host a plethora of boutique hotels. In the spirit of getting you out of the city, we’ve rounded up our favorite Upstate New York stays."

So who made the list:

1) Inness in Hudson Valley, located in the Hudson Valley.

2) Eastwind Oliverea Valley located in the Oliverea Valley.

3) Piaule Catskill located in the Catskills.

4) Scribner’s Catskill Lodge located in Hunter.

5) Hotel Lilien located in Tannersville.

6) Habitas on Hudson located in Staatsburg.

7) Wylder Hotel Windham located in Windham.

8) Glen Falls House located in Round Top.

9) Woodstock Way Hotel located in Woodstock.

10) The DeBruce located in Livingston Manor.

You can check out photos online here.

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