Tom Brady has some extra time on his hands after being suspended four games for his involvement in the now-infamous “Deflatagete” scandal. He'll need something to do, so here's 10 ways Brady can pass the time while on suspension.


Who wouldn't buy something from Tom Brady? As long as he isn't selling footballs.

Music Videos

Brady came in like a 'Wrecking Ball,' and since his soft balls have given him some free time, he could star is a music video like 'Take Me Out of the Ballgame.' Oh wait, I think that's 'Take Me Out TO the Ballgame.'

Find His Man Balls

Brady was caught crying over being drafted in the 6th round. Maybe he could search for his man balls.

Baby Daddy

Brady may have not wanted to be a baby daddy for Ted, but there are plenty of other women who'd pay for his 'help' becoming pregnant.


Brady is a golfer. He'll have more time to spend on the links with his balls. If he wants softer balls, he can use ladies balls.

Cliff Jumping

Brady could head back to Costa Rica for another round of cliff jumping.

Dancing Lessons

Brady may have fancy footwork on the field but he could use some help with his two left feet on the dance floor.

Take Himself To Church

Instead of taking everyone to church, maybe he should take himself there and ask God for forgiveness for his soft balls.

Work on Boston Accent

Here's a little known fact: Tom Brady is NOT from Boston. If he wants to blend in, he needs to work on that accent.

Red Carpet Arm Candy

Brady has more time to be Giselle's arm candy at all her red carpet events.

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